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What is HOME?

Ever experienced this as a child? Your parents are out of town, you're home alone and now in charge to take care of the house and your four-legged Friend!

However, as the child of an Escape-Room fanatic those tasks become increasingly harder than one might think. Solve the puzzles your Father has prepared for you and make your way through his task list!

But... somehow, this uneasy feeling can't be helped that maybe you're not as alone as initially thought.

Struggling with the puzzles?

Though the Puzzles themselves are not super complex, they could be tricky for some. Therefore I provided a guide  containing the codes and explanations on how the puzzles are solved! (you can find it in the .txt document in the downloadable file)


Developer Note

This game was done for my 4th semester of game development. The task was to make a puzzle game to which I decided to add horror elements. It is a solo project and is the first game I made towards the horror genre. I hope you enjoy!

And if you liked the TV program, you might want to check out my other game "Scout" :) ♥


  • Sounds and Music - Epidemicsound and WeLoveIndies
  • Textures - textures.com
  • VHS filter - YourSandbox (YouTube)
  • PS1 Filter - LWMedia (UnrealEngine Forum)
  • Note Poem - Chantal Wrase
And yes, the game is locked to 4:3 and 30fps, it's not your pc failing you


HOME.rar 318 MB

Development log


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Nice little game, I have not seen that kind of puzzle before and now I feel dumb lol 


Fun little game! And the dog is very helpful. I'm pretty sure I died, tho.


That was a very nice game!..Really liked the sounds,plus that you had a dog with you!!😅🐶

Really good game, I loved it!

the safest home

Wonderful work, I actually really liked this game and it's puzzles were easy enough that I didn't have to spend a lot of time on them. The little hints of the intruder made it so creepy too. Thanks for making this game. Here's my playthrough with some other games too - 

Thank you so much for your kind words!! :)

works on 32 bits?

I'm afraid it doesn't, sorry!



I really enjoyed you're game :)

thank you so much! I’m glad to hear :)


This was such a great game! Great Puzzles, and the hint of home invasion, and slight scary sounds, just enough to keep you on edge! Great game, I liked it a lot! Did a Video of This!

Thank you so much!


no problem!


I love puzzle games and this was fantastic!  Not too easy, not too hard.  It made for an awesome let's play video!  Thanks for making us an awesome and fun game!

Oh thank you so much for your kind words, that means a lot to me!! I’m glad you enjoyed it ♡ 


I am very braindead. LOVE YOUR GAME  >:3

Haha thank you :> ♡ 


Nice game !



Any game with a happy dog is a thumbs up from me. I really dig home invasion horror, and the puzzles were perfect. Thanks!

Haha thank you!! :)


The atmosphere of a home invasion was very good, and I'm glad we were able to rescue Kayla as well.

haha thank you so much!! :)

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It is basically same storyline with another game called "Fears to Fathom - Home Alone" but with puzzle. Good game overall but expect more jumpscare ! 


Yes it has been my main inspiration for the game :)

Haha maybe for the next game, thank you ;)


Cool game. Dog barking up the stairs did get me on edge and had a nice atmosphere to it.

Thank you :)

is there a way to do the puzzle on the table?

The puzzle on the table is a cipher that is required to unlock the lock on the basement door, itself is not a puzzle but a piece to solve another one :) you can check out the .txt file that links you to the full puzzle guide, it’s all explained in there :)

hi this game is best but i have a quest what is that font 

It’s “VCR OSD mono” that I edited it with this rgb effect!

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thx best guy 

im your fan and the game is really good sry for errors im not from england 

and do you know why peoples make old ps 1 game style is that popular or this is a trend??

what engine did you make your game on

Thank you and that’s fine don’t worry! :)

It has been becoming quite popular over the years again, yes! I personally like this style a lot, to me it feels like it often conveys a lot stronger atmosphere than super polished high quality games and the nostalgia aspect also helps a lot :D 

I made it in Unreal Engine 5! :)


Very creepy game. The noises are on point. 

I chose poorly xD

Haha thank you so much! :D


Wow this game was lit🐣. When I saw that intruder dude from the window I got goosebumps (and I ain't talking bout the show). Pretty good horror game🐥

Feel free to check my video out👻


Thank you so much! :)

How do you play this bc when i try to download the game, it makes it an explorer file and when i open it, it keeps downloading and never loads and i cant play it. Please help asap

Hi! I’m sorry to hear that ;; usually you just download the file, unpack it and then execute the .exe file, I don’t know what causes these issues you seem to experience ;;

Thank you, I will try again and let you know

Is there a tutorial i can follow bc for me, it just being weird

There’s no tutorial, sorry. Press the download button, download the .rar file, unpack it and start the .exe, if that doesn’t work I don’t know how to solve it, sorry :(


really loved this, cool idea. i wish we got messed with a bit more though, i wanted more creepy noises and bangs. i enjoyed it alot!

Yes, I understand that ;;; Thank you!! :)


Being Home Alone is quite scary my dude.

It sure is! Thanks!


Great 🔥🔥

Thank you!


Really great!


Why didnt Kayla save us at the end :(


Thank you! She was also scared :(


This was fantastic. Great horror game with some good scares. Also loved the style of it. 

Thank you so much! :)

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This was interesting experience

Thank you!


the best feeling for playing some game is, when you can solve hard puzzle without see tutorial in youtube 😄😄. love this game !!

Hahaha thank you!! :)


na this game is the fucking ostia the one who created this game lasted many months without sleeping I love it it is a pure work of art it is a very well worked gam

Oh wow thank you so much! :D


Very well-done game! I loved that the puzzles had a story reason for existence. Also, good job on building suspense with the random noises and events that happen while going about the tasks of the game. I had no idea if it was some elaborate puzzle made by the dad or if there was something more sinister going on.

Thank you so very much, that really makes me happy to hear!! means a lot :) ♥


niec game

Thank you!


Great light-horror before bed ;) Got 2 endings :)

Thank you!! Then you got a 100% run haha congrats! :D


Good game



Really enjoyed this game! I got stuck for an sad amount of time at the start but all in all I really enjoyed the experience! Being able to pet that cute freakin' dog was the best feature of the experience though haha

Oh I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless, thank you!! :)


It was a fun horror game! ⭐⭐⭐  reminded me of years past. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ There was a dog! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ You can pet the dog!!!! ⭐😍⭐😍⭐😍⭐😍⭐😍⭐😍⭐.

I enjoyed it. Good job!

Thank you so much!!! :D


I loved this so much. I am quite sure you were a little bit inspired by Fears to Fathom: Home Alone but you did it the right way: referencing by putting your own spin on it. I loved the puzzles, Kayla and the overall atmosphere, a thoroughly enjoyable game. 


Thank you so much!! Yes, it has been one of my main inspirations! :) I'm glad you liked it, thanks!!! ♥


This game was fun! (and scary)

Thank you!!


What a cool and interesting horror game kinda reminds me of fears to fathom home alone. Took me a while tbh to get the puzzles done lmao keep up the good work!!yumiicchii

I made a vid on it on my youtube channel come check it out if you want!!

Thank you haha!! It was one of my inspirations!! :)


Amazing Game!! I love the puzzles and story with this game, really fun to play too! 

Thank you so very much!!! :) ♥


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